Executive Committees

EQUAA forms executive committees in order to ensure the organization processes

Membership Evaluation Committee (MEC)

The Membership Evaluation Committee (MEC) evaluates on second instance the requests of institutions applying to become members of EQUAA. If an institution is denied the possibility of becoming member, it will provide the reasons with possible improvement options for future member institutions.

Accreditation Eligibility Committee (CEA)

The Accreditation Eligibility Committee (CEA) is in charge of establishing in second instance whether an institution is elegible to start an accreditation with EQUAA.

Continuous Improvement Policy Committee (CIPC)

The Continuous Improvement Policy Committee (CIPC) is responsible for the ongoing improvement of the accreditation processes and standards that EQUAA manages over educational institutions. It recommends changes in authorization criteria related to accreditation and quality assurance services; Suggests improvements in processes and procedures that support accreditation activities; And oversees the review of compliance with the eligibility criteria of the institutions in the implementation.

Ethics Committee for Social Inclusion (ECSI)

The Ethics Committee for Social Inclusion (ECSI) is responsible for the establishment of criteria for social inclusion and ethics in the accreditation standards and processes of EQUAA.